Please read 99chinaship term and condition carefully as this is a contract between 99chinaship and website user. Crafted terms limit liability, responsible on protect business property while using our service and ethical while transacting on our website. The following is a list of terms service user are fully responsible and liabilities under the laws once he/she are accept with our term and condition.


1. Intellectual Property - Service User are responsible protect our intellectual property such as design, content, logos, product name and business names on our business


2. Clauses and Disclaimer - Following are limitation of liability clauses protect from extension of liability beyond the transaction.


3. User Responsible - Register user are only permitted using our website for shopping purpose only. Once user found misuse 99chinaship website for any violet activity. 99chinaship have the right to suspend, remove user for anytime without prior notice.


4. Warranty – we will not conduct warranty on product functioning and quality issue. Customer should contact seller by themselves and all cost should be within customer.


5. Amendments - 99chinaship Term and Condition will change without prior notice encourage user take part to update themselves from our change of term and condition. For the changes will effect immediately upon posting. For those are not accept our term and condition please do not use our service.


6. The site Contents - Copyright within website are apply for all contents and display within our website. Register user are agree with us to send user for sms, email and phone call by notify with order status, promotion notification


7. User Account Registration - Register user should be provide us with accurate, honest, complete and reliable information. Register user should make sure themselves above 18years, under 18 years old all activity should be under guidance from parent/guardian. Register user should be responsible with their password keep belong to themselves only. Please do not share and disclose password to third parties, any illegal or legal violet activity happen account user are fully responsible with legal action. Misconduct account 99chinaship have right to suspend your account with prior notice.


8. User code of conduct - User should away our business from any unlawful, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, criminal or any activities bring harmful. User are responsible with any indeminity bring losses, liabilities, damange, cost and expenses


9. Service guidance – 99chinaship is a shipping agent for customer buying in other shopping website. We will not bearing any issue on quality, not functioning item. Product send back all cost including tax, duty, posting are bear by customer. For customer use our service strictly no send back obligation for your product to merchant customer have to contact seller by themselves and arrange send back by themselves


10. Product to purchase – As we are the shipping agent and daigou agent we will not bear any misleading, impropriate in product description, sold out provide by seller. Customer should be liable fully understanding on product purchase. Product to purchase for discounted price for bulk/special purchase. Buyer are responsible to communicate to seller/make as remark when place order.

a. Shipping regulation. –we have right to cancel/change of shipping method due with safely on some product risk of exposes. We are responsible for stop any shipping against flight and cargo law.

b. Product Problem – we will not responsible for any product lead for harmful, injure, damage or any condition incur.


11.  Payment Method - Customer can choose multiple payment method as their choice. We provide credit card, bank transfer and online transfer. Customer should provide us accurate payment detail. Customer should notify us when payment is done.


12. Fund withdrawal – Customer should provide bank information and supporting document upon withdrawal from account its take 3-5 working days for process. Fund withdrawal only conduct within Malaysia bank account only. Process will be reject if customer fail to provide bank supporting document for process.


12.  Promotion package, reward Point, Voucher, coupon – while using reward point, voucher, promotion package and coupon customer have to go thru carefully the term and condition for each time promotion. The campaign not exchange for cash only for discounted and promotion used only. Customer should apply this promotion event within specific time indicated. Approval on promotion period extended is subject to 99chinaship. Please check with customer service if not sure on campaign running.


14. After sales –

a. Buy for me – any dispute regarding product issue kindly drop us email within 3 days upon parcel received. We will not entertain customer send request after 3 days. Dispute on product subject to approval, please do not send any parcel before we agree for send back. All cost should bear by customer.

b. Ship for me – we will not bear any responsibility if customer ship with illegal/parcel violet custom law. Customer are fully responsible with legal action. Customer are responsible deal with seller for settlement, after sales issue. As a shipping agent we only responsible for parcel below RM500, parcel incurred tax above RM500 should be bear by customer


15.  Order cancellation – customer are not allow cancel their order once order is place at least product out of stock, sold out, order place more than 10 working days.


16.  Return/Refund/Exchange – we will not provide any service on product return/refund/exchange procedure. Product size different, minor dust, different on color tone will not proceed for return/refund/exchange.


17. Termination of use – we are authority to terminate any activities suspected against law, unethical, fraudulent your account will be suspend with prior notice.