Shipping Rule and Regulation 99CHINASHIP do not accept any prohibited product, we reserve the right to reject any product violet Malaysia Custom law and regulation. Flammable/explosive product, drugs, valuables, controlled/profited product and etc.

Sensitive Air

Electronic, magnetic, battery,  liquid, medicine, branded brand

Economic Air

Luggage, clothes, rack, container,

Sea Shipment

Bulk Item/ Heavy item only

**For unsure items please contact us to confirm


Buy for me: 99CHINASHIP reserve the right to reject order any product violet Malaysia Custom law and airline shipping regulation.


Ship for me: Please ensure all your shipping via using 99CHINASHIP service without any prohibited or against country custom law. Any legal action incur/tax/duty fee will solely bear by customer. Any cost incur for misusing our service for immoral ethnic all cost will bear by customer, legal action will forward to you. Ship for me customer we do not pay back shipping fee if your parcel we found that against law or any circumstances.


**Please take noted shipping will delay cause by weather, we will inform customer via Facebook. Any enquiry please drop us an email to confirm.